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Nortis, Inc.

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Saturday, October 15 – 2:45pm-3:45pm
Junior Ballroom 3/4
Vasculature-on-Chip Applications for Drug Discovery Research
Sponsored by Nortis
Presenter:  Sepand Bafti, Director of Biological Science, Nortis, Inc. 
This workshop will provide an overview of key aspects of organ-on-chip (OOC) technology, and how it is being used to improve clinical outcomes in the world of drug development with a focus on vasculature and microvasculature models. In addition, participants will engage in hands-on learning where they experience how to operate state of the art OOC devices in the context of everyday use in a standard cell or tissue culture laboratory setting. Topics that will be covered in this workshop include advanced imaging based applications, vascularization of structures in tissue microenvironments, introduction of circulating immune cells in vasculature models, and assessment of angiogenesis.


Caroline Lorentzen
Commercial Operations Manager

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